Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WSRM---DO u know how to choose ur LEDlights supplier?

Do u know how to choose ur LEDlights supplier?
Yesterday night, it's 19:00pm, i just come back from my office, and open my computer in my home, then i received my customer's messenger from SKYPE. she told m her compnay meet a  big problem from her another supplier from TAIWAN. about the details of the problem she do'nt told . only ask for m help her to contact the TAIWAN's company's manager, and her told m the company's sales who deal with this order is so bad. she buy the BUZZER and SPEAKER from this company . and this company's sales sold the bad quality products, then bring big problem to her customer. her customer ask for her company turn back all of the money if her company do'nt change all goods in standard quality . but the TAIWAN's company sales do'nt want carry this duty when she talked with him .the sales want avoided this case. through many talks with this sales, she know this guy do'nt want solve her problem and want escaped.
It's big problem., as a  responsibilty company , she must carry this problem for her customer, and another side, her supplier do'nt want do anything to solve it. how to do it ?she and her boss all feel angry on this case. they must find way to solve it. they want try to contact TAIWAN's company's manager. but they know this manager can'tn speak english .how to solve it ?she think of m. sure m can help her to do it.
so she sent messenge to m .
I said to her :it's ok. no problem , give m the contact info ,i will do it right now.
as u know it's time at 19:20, usually in asia , it's out of working time. nobody in the office normally . but i understand her feeling right now, i call this company according she give m the phone number.
its' expect result , the response is automaticaly from this company's phone :sorry , it's out working time, have some thing pls call us in working time.
I told her this result , and i feel she is very anxiety. i give her a suggestion :can u find another people she know his phone .
my suggestion let her recalled a girl who is former sales in this company and she is this companys' window with her. ok, it's good. she sent m the girl's mobile phone number.  i called her right now ;the girl picked up the phone, feel strange , cos she do'nt know m , i explain to her and ask for her of the number of her boss.
she told m she is in outside , do'nt free to do i t. and let m call her again after 1 hour .
I't s good news i told my customer. she feel very happy and tell m she will write a mail to this girl .then ask for m tell her care of her mailbox,
Sounds the thing in good and will solve it.
After hour it's time 20:38, i called this girl again, she taked my call and told m :"i just called my boss and told him about this question , and my boss told m he know it. but cos he meet a  private things his father just died yestoday , so he do'nt deal with any business in the periode time. he promised her tomorrow morning will go to office and deal with this question personally "
I think it's good news ,i forward this news to my customer. she is very relaxed and happy . cos she got the result on her company's big problem.
it's course of this question .
why do i write this story here ?
we can analyse it.
why my customer can meet this question ?
why the TAIWAN's company's sales do'nt want face this problem?
it's enough to know the two question.
if this company is a good company , they can'nt produce the bad quality products.maybe the problem is from their manage system.but anyway , they provide bad quality to their customer and bring the big problem to their customer.
as we know, any business will meet some question ,it's normaly thing, cos we all r humanbeing not GOD.we all can take some mistake from our works and business. so do'nt want avoide it in anything and anytime.
but we must know it's can'nt be big and seriouse mistake we made the mistake. Bad quality products is'nt allowed for good company and seriesely happend.
But the TAIWAN's company made this big mistake in customer's big order.
the last question is how to face the mistake ?
it's apeared we do'nt want find it.but its' happend. how do we need to do ?escaped, avoide?no, we must face on it. and firstly to think how to solve it for cutomer with out think the cost.we all say the words :Customer is our GOD. really do u insist on this words in ur businesss?maybe, some company and business man do'nt really keep this words in their mind. then the words just become a joke or shape. this company's sales is like this . he do'nt want face this question and want escaped from this problem .
from the above content , i think u shall know how to choose ur LEDligths supplier.
honest ,duty ,responsibitly ,improvement,kindly ,friendship,corperate,conmunication.,candor all r important for ur choice. and the first important factor is :honest and responsibility . when u meet question ,ur supplier will do their best to solve it togerther with u and do'nt think of their's good supplier. if u meet this kind of supplier in ur business. it's ur big lucky. u shall thank God.
anyway , WHITESUNREDMOON TECH CO.,LIMITED company do business follow this rule below:
1.COSTOMER is our cooperator , it's our partner ,it's our friend,it's our life, and it's our future
2.COSTOMER is our sources of profit , without customer , where is our profit ? so customer shall own the big profit and we only get little one;
3.COSTOMER's things is our self things . customer's success is our success , customer's trouble is our trouble
4.COSTOMER is GOD, we must serve customer welll without any excuse.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

WSRM---NEW lifestyle with CABINETlights!

WSRM revealed a seriese new kind of LED's good for improve ur kitchen mood and increase ur living standards.
WSRM-CB-R001 canbinet light was made in luminum body , the type is smooth and classic . the chip is choosed of EPISTAR SMD3014.color can be ur reference.usually is worm white and cool white. the full color is optional .power is 1.8W, working viltage :DC12v.there two kinds of switch for ur option:IR sensor and machinical switch .very easy to turn/off.
for more information, u can register our web member then u can enter the private space to get it.
it's best choice of modern life .more of LED CABINET is coming soon for our customer choice.
Enjoy your life,Enjoy ur light!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WSRM---LED DOWNlights 24W DRIVER was reveal!

LED DOWNlights 24W DRIVER:WSRM24W-D was revealed today !it's good news for our customer. for more of infomation , u can registerd our member ,than login our site to get the details.
As u know, LEDlights the important factor is include two side :one is the LED chip(dice), and another is the LED DRIVER.usually the chip is not easy for harmed in right design PCB(p/s), but the LED DRIVER is usualy meet some question when the LEDlights is working. if the DRIVER is good quality (PF/efficient), then the LEDlights is working long time in it's lifetime untill more than 100,000Hrs. but if the DRIVER is not good, then the LEDlights can'nt working last its' lifetime.
it's simple explain for how LED DRIVER it's important for LEDlights .u want get more of information, pls visit our site or contact our sales.
the LED DRIVER of WSRM24W-D is especially designed for our LED DOWNlights24W ,it's our hot sell products. but it's also can application  for external LED ceiling downlights, panel lights, grid lamps, designed using traditional SCR adjust the current dimming, by imported IC stable and high-quality components quality control adjust the current passed CE / FCC / UL / GS / CSA certification. Compatible with most brands of dimmers, for market compatibility dimming LED drive power one. The IW3612 program.
Our R&D always work hard for new LED DRIVER design, u will see more of our LED driver unvealed in the nearly future.
anyway , we have plan to produce all of the LED DRIVER to our all of LEDlights. it's our aim and it' our duty .
rememeber,WhiteSunRedMoon is a dream , your dream!my dream!his dream!the world dream!

Monday, October 22, 2012


My LEDlights business is also .
some times ,my customer visit my factory , will ask for m a question :why do u like the LEDlights business and how do u produce so many LEDlights ?u r really great.
as u know , we have wide range LEDlights field, it's about 32 LEDlights seriese.
For the above LEDlights seriese , we do'nt produce all of it by ourself. a fews of some products iterm , we place the order to our partner , let them produce it in our quality's normaly business things, like as the world big company PHILIPS and OSRAM ,they also place some order to other's supplier . even APPLY , the place a big order to FOXCCON company and never produce one PHONE by self.
what do we do in our buiness ?
we know the china's market both the buyer and supllier , we know wich is better or bad in the market, we also know where is cheap and spensive in this market. anyway , we r proffesional in the LEDlights market. we have more than 7 years old experience in the LEDlights field.we know all about the LEDlights industry in china's market.
wha'ts satisfy fo customer ?
does customer know what they need  ?they know it. good quality and cheap products is customer desire. sure , it's right, no any wrong. it's also our aim to produce products like customer's desire.
we do it right now . and we get success untill now . it's our business way .
however, we have some shortage need to improve step by step , it's runing, it's moving , it's everyday ,it's ever. never stop to do it. improve our quality ,our service , our price .anything related our LEDlights business we need improve it. we do it everyday .
why we can do it still now ?
business is not only for money , it's for career , for life ,for comunication , for development, for support ,for friendship, for future , for world.
we will bring our LEDlights to the's my dream.
it's our philosophy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

WSRM---LED TRACKlights helps museum save energy ,preserve items

Indiana University Department of Theater and Drama professor Rob Shakespeare talks with graduate assistant Lee Burckes about the LED lighting system he designed for for IU Art Museum Special Exhibitions Gallery, in Bloomington, Ind.
BLOOMINGTON, Ind.  — A spectacular collection of original oil paintings by emeritus Indiana University art professor Barry Gealt is on display in the IU Art Museum's Special Exhibitions Gallery, along with exhibits of baby carriers from China's minority groups and German expressionism.But look toward the ceiling instead of what's hanging on the walls, and it is evident that the paintings are illuminated by clean, cool, white lights, while the other exhibits bask in a warm, yellowish glow
"It's like apricot soup," said IU theater professor Rob Shakespeare of the traditional incandescent lighting on the baby carriers and textiles, and in all the museum's other galleries.
Shakespeare, an expert in theater and architectural lighting and creator of the "Light Totem" in front of the museum, designed the LED lighting system for the "Barry Gealt: Embracing Nature, Landscape Paintings 1988-2012" exhibit, on display through Dec. 23.It's the museum's first use of LED lighting, but something it hopes to expand when as can finds funding for the investment, exhibit curator Linda Baden told The Herald-Times.
When the museum was built 30 years ago, I.M. Pei's architectural design was state of the art, Shakespeare said. And until now, gallery lighting was traditional.
""It's innovative of the museum to take this step," Baden said.
LED lamps — they're not bulbs — use a fraction of the electricity required to provide the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs. They're even more energy efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs, and unlike CFLs, they're dimmable.
Shakespeare said the 60 or so LED lamps in use in the gallery use 12 to 14 watts each, compared with the 90-100 watts used by each of the incandescent bulbs they replaced.
He explained that 70 or 80 percent of the energy incandescent bulbs use ends up as unwanted heat, while LEDs produce only light.
That will reduce the museum's energy need for air conditioning as well.
And for illuminating art, LEDs have another advantage: The spectrum of light they produce is balanced, reproducing natural light. No more apricot soup, and more important, the infrared rays that incandescent bulbs produce can bake art, Shakespeare said, and at the other end of the light spectrum, ultraviolet rays destroy organic pigments.Older electric lighting, with a "big spike in the spectral curve" fades paintings and prints unevenly, Shakespeare said, permanently turning yellows into grays, for example,Even new-technology LED lights will cause pigments to fade with time, but at least the colors will fade evenly and more slowly, he said.In addition to being gentler on art and using less electricity, LED lighting has another advantage: a projected life of 50,000 hours, compared with 2,000 hours or less for incandescent bulbs.That's significant waste reduction, and will allow museum staff to attend to more useful work than changing light bulbs so frequently, Shakespeare said.

But there are disadvantages to LED lighting, too. Most notably, the new technology, long-life lamps cost at least 10 times as much as incandescent bulbs.
The museum's lighting, including a flexible new electrified track support system that crisscrosses the gallery's ceiling, cost $80,000.
It's expected to last for decades, though, and will take a noticeable bite out of the museum's electric bill each year.
Another disadvantage is that LED technology is evolving. Shakespeare worked with Bruck Lighting on the specialized lamps for the art museum's LED lamps, but called those available off the shelf "disappointing." Those who want LED lighting for their homes might want to wait a while longer before investing.

Friday, October 19, 2012


always busy for my customer's order , so long time do'nt write blog. in the recently time , it's hot season for LEDlights, most of our customer place order since half of september untill now . the main products r LED DOWNlights/LED PANELlights/LED TUBElights/LED FLOODlights.though our over 100 staff produce it overtime day by day , and the time is always short for us . i got some complain from customer for this , it's good symbol ,also not good symbol.i know i must find a way to server customer well , must increase my capacity to produce LEDlights, but it's shall do it step by step. it's high season , and how do we do in low business season?
anyway , we must do our best for customer then we shall consider how do we do next step . anythng is moving ,any situation is changing . it's time we shall think how to meet customer;s demand in our corresponding capacity .
this's question for our capacity . and another's question is from my sales also from our customer.
so many cusotmer ask for our sales low the price . the reason was summarize to two many competitor quoted them low price but not sure the quality;2.they told us the market is so hot and face the keen competition.3.they place the big order (at least up 1000pcs i can judg it)
according the 3 reason , customer ask for our sales to low the price .it's also perplex on our sales . we must provide the good quality products , can'nt low the level of quality.and we quote to customer's price all in competitive.the space to low is almost impossible.but some customer do't understand it. always ask for low the price .is't possible?there r sentence in china :one coin can buy one article.means quality based on fixed price .low price in bad quality .
for this question , usually i ask for our sales do'nt low the price , shall explain to customer clearly and patiently .and most of our customer accept our quotation ,cos they know our quality from before order .and they know the price is not first important for business , the quality and service is very important for business . as u know , if we provide the bad quality products to customer . they do'nt accept it when the goods was arrived destination ,they ask for sending back the goods , how can we do it ?in my previously experience ,we can'nt accept the goods sending back, cos the custom's tax is so high than the goods value , it's better we do'nt accept sending back than we abandon it .so usually we do'nt accept the goods sending back.and it's also requested us to keep the strict quality rule. so our QC is good working and do'nt let any defect in our products.thanks for their always careful work .a good and big company must own good staff then can be No.1 in any time.
for the competivition , i know it , cos LEDlights market is growing fast , so many competitor join this fight then the market is becoming RED SEA,how to face the keen competition ?i always think about it . it's way to solve it :1.still keep our good quality in competitive price.2.improve our service after sales.currently , our service after sales mainly include accessories feed(main is LED DRIVER) and  less defect lights(main is for insert driver , can'nt be repaired,we shall feed the more of it to take a precaution),it's our mainly and usually provide to our customer.and 3.we always keep touching usually with customer then can know the market which one is popular and which one need to improve.our relationship is'nt not only on provider and customer,we r corperator,we r partner ,we r support eachother's ,we r's like as our company summary's words:
WHITESUNREDMOON follow these rule :
1.COSTOMER is our cooperator , it's our partner ,it's our friend,it's our life, and it's our future
2.COSTOMER is our sources of profit , without customer , where is our profit ? so customer shall own the big profit and we only get little one;
3.COSTOMER's things is our self things . customer's success is our success , customer's trouble is our trouble
4.COSTOMER is GOD, we must serve customer welll without any excuse.
follow this rule , we can own customer and own the market togerther with our customer.
actually , we think business is not only for money , LEDlights business is our career,i have a dream :BRING MY LED LIGHTS TO THE WORLDWIDE.
so we do everything must think of it ,and let it fixed our dream.
in the end , thanks our customer's always support .u r my good friend, u r my life , u r my future.
WHITESUNREDMOON IS MY DREAM ,ALSO IS UR DREAM, THE WORLD DREAM.then we can win anything , we can be great eachother's .the business is so , life also is so .

Friday, October 12, 2012



Friday, October 5, 2012


In the recentlly LEDlights market , which kind of LEDlights is the popular? in my company , The LED DOWNlights is popular ,hot sell lights. untill now , we sold this lights to our customer reach to 10,'s great quantity in the LEDlights market.
DOWNlights was usually installed in the office/supermarket/hall/meeting room/hospital/hotel/shop/mesuem etc, comercial and home place . it's replaced all of the traditional down lights.
why our DOWNlights was welcome for the market ?
you can find our DOWNlights profile , its modern and simple and classic .we made it by ourself .
all matirial r in aluminum, and the LED chip was used LUMUX from TAIWAN. we trust this chip and our cusotmer all give a good words for this chip . The LED driver was made aslo by ourself . can support the LEDlights working well untill the lifetime .
in the future , we have plan to open new module to produce the DOWNlights to fixed all the desire from the market . the size will be all of the inchs in the normal market .
it's coming soon.
Thanks for all of our customer's trust and support .
They believe our company's dream:Bring the LEDlights to the world , not only for money to do this business .
it's our dread and our career .also our life.

How to face customer's complain?

How to face custome's complain ?its' big question for sales .
my sales has a customer from SPAIN, he buy the shelf lights from our company , but he found it's difficult to fixed the wall , then he ask for the sales for the fixed accessories . my slaes told him it's no accessories to fixed , only the screws ,it's enough and it's usualy installed in the buttom of cabinet . then the customer's do'nt like this answer and explain it ,my company's catalogue do'nt show this products fixing the buttom of cabinet but on the wall straightly  .my sales can'nt agree it , but it's show only straightly fixed on the wall in my catalogue's pcs , actually , it's our mistake to edit this catalogue , and the customer is a recruiter in the LEDlights field . so the question was happend .
then , the next question is how to solve it and let the customer saticfy.i have plan my engineer to find a way to solve it and give the plan to customer , let him fixed it straightly on the wall by himself
according my engineer provide the plan , he can fixed on the wall use 2 bolts .then it's fixed well . do'nt afraid the fixation .
from this case , i ask for my staff must be careful in everything . do'nt think some thing is lttle . it's trouble when the little things apear .
it's lesson for our company .
remember it . .